Access complete digital experience data

Dynamic DX data engine

Answers to questions you didn’t know to ask

Dashboards provide digital experience data at a glance to help you cut through analytics clutter. Filter your users and sessions based on any path or action they could possibly take on your site with features like:

Signals and Watched Elements
See dozens of factors impacting your conversions, like slow pages, script errors, frustrating workflows, and device-specific bugs. Spot customer-facing messages and popups impacting conversions, identify where users have dead clicked, search Rage Clicks to find users who repeatedly clicked on an element in frustration, and more.

Visualize common paths users take through your product, uncover insightful patterns in behavior, and illuminate hidden friction points so you can make impactful, data-driven changes that create a seamless user experience.

Developer Tools
View page speed metrics, a comprehensive stack trace 
to uncover problematic method calls, a network analysis view, and more.

See how visitors interact with you digitally

From the big picture to the smallest details, FullStory’s powerful visualizations show what gets your visitors' attention, where they go, what they click, and more through:

Heat Maps
Quickly reveal which areas of your pages are hot, cold, or lukewarm, and assess how to increase engagement.

Click Maps
See precisely how many visitors click any element on any page without worrying whether dynamic content or variable page states are distorting your numbers.

Scroll Maps
Calculate the percentage of sessions where users reached a specific scroll depth to understand whether key features get lost at the bottom of the page.

TrueCar doubles down 
on customer-centricity, boosting engagement and increasing conversions with FullStory

Complete DX data helped TrueCar identify and prioritize an issue resulting in an increase of 3,000 conversions

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Proactively fix what’s broken–and double down on what’s working

Quickly gather, explore, and search detailed data to measure results, understand impact and inform smart digital experience decisions–all with easy-to-use features that don’t require a consultant.

Custom Conversion Analysis
Create and measure your business's most important conversion funnels based on the extensive searchable data in FullStory.

Top Opportunity Table
We’ll calculate the greatest opportunities to improve your user experience and highlight key user sessions to inspire your team to action.

Funnel Analysis
When a custom segment includes two or more events, FullStory will automatically generate a funnel visualization showing how many users complete each action.

Finicity took actionable insights from FullStory to enhance the customer experience, increasing funnel conversions by 15%

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Streamlined sharing for better collaboration

FullStory’s advanced collaboration tools make it easy to share your discoveries with anyone in your organization.

See something noteworthy? Send it directly to your team by creating a note at an important moment in a session replay.

Send to Slack/Trello/JIRA
With one click, create a message, card, or ticket, complete with a session link and all relevant customer metadata.

Set threshold alerts for a saved segment to receive an email or Slack message each time the user count exceeds or falls below the normal zone.

Email Digest
Opt to receive a daily or weekly email chock full of news about your team’s saved segments, notes, new users, 
and more.

Leverage FullStory’s comprehensive, unsampled data to power workflows across your business and gain real-time insight into your digital experience.

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