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Fullstory for Marketers

See a clear path to conversion at every stage of the funnel

Optimize your customer journeys with complete information on their interactions.

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See where visitors and users take the action you were hoping for—and where they get off the happy path.

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Form hypotheses to test, iterate, and measure your way to smoother user journeys.

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Demonstrate the impact of your team’s efforts with full capture of the metrics you need.

Identify problems

Stop wondering whether your efforts are working

Some say marketing is more art than science. But those people haven’t used Fullstory. See exactly where friction occurs and how to resolve it to improve click-through rates, form fills, and even page performance to move more leads through the funnel.

Test and optimize

Test and iterate faster

Dive into Heatmaps, Session Replay, or Journeys to see how users or visitors are navigating your digital experience and interacting with specific elements. Integrate with your favorite experimentation tool like Optimizely or ABTasty to discover opportunities for improvement.

Measure performance

Measure the value of your work

Easily access metrics to demonstrate the impact of your work with dashboards for KPI tracking and reporting, combining segments with funnels to show marketing influence, and even the dollar size of conversion opportunities your team drove.

Support every decision with easy-to-access data

Marketing teams across industries and regions choose Fullstory to make their work easier. Here's why.

With Fullstory

  • checkmarkKeep customers engaged longer with content that they actually scroll, tap, or click their way through
  • checkmarkMove prospects or freemium users along the funnel to generate more opportunities for sales
  • checkmarkUnderstand your audiences to optimize their unique experiences
  • checkmarkSpot opportunities for conversions, take advantage of them, then measure the impact of your work

Without Fullstory

  • x-iconSpeculate why your bounce and exit rates are so high
  • x-iconKeep sending nurture emails, betting that this will finally be the CTA that they click on
  • x-iconHope most people are accessing your landing page from desktop because you don’t have resources to improve the mobile version
  • x-iconRun a campaign you think performed well, but lack the receipts you need to show leadership

“Super helpful and easy tool for marketers”

G2 High Performer Enterprise winter 2024

“As a marketer, it's great to have the ability to see how visitors are interacting with your site—from both an overall and an individual perspective. It's super easy to create segments that you expect to monitor regularly or just go in and take a look at something on a one-time basis… We're able to monitor conversions on our website—what's working, where visitors are having issues, etc.”

Amanda M.

Integrated Marketing Manager

Validated G2 reviewer
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Collate all your marketing data in one place

CRO, growth, and demand gen teams will love pairing Fullstory’s DX data with their other systems of record. Use Fullstory with your CRM, CMS, ecommerce tools, CDP and more. (We are always updating our list of technology partners.)

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